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We will start our tour in the morning from Wadi Rum village where you will be introduced to your guide and camel. You will learn the basics about camels and how to comfortably ride them through the desert.

During the tour, you will visit several famous places in the Wadi Rum desert. You will experience stunning landscapes and silence, and with your Bedouin guide, you'll dive into our history and culture.

Riding a camel is one of our oldest traditions, so on our camel tour, you really feel the ancient lifestyle of the Bedouins.

Prices for 3-Hour Camel Tour in Wadi Rum desert

Includes a 3-hour Camel ride, one night in the camp, the dinner and breakfast:

1 Person                90 JD  / Person

2-4 Persons           70 JD  / Person

5-8 Persons           55 JD  / Person

9+ Persons            50 JD /  Person


You can pay for your booking with cash upon arrival. 

Includes 3-hour Camel ride only:

1 Person                70 JD    / Person

2-4 Persons           60 JD    / Person

5-8 Persons           45 JD    / Person

9+ Persons            35 JD    / Person

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Program of 3-hour camel tour


The 3-hour Camel Tour is a half-day riding safari in the Wadi Rum desert. You can choose the 3-hour camel ride only, or take it with one-night accommodation when the package includes a traditional Bedouin dinner, tea at the campfire, accommodation for one night in our camp, and a delicious breakfast with coffee and tea.

With our Bedouin guide, you will see several famous sites in the Wadi Rum desert and enjoy the fabulous landscapes, silence, and peace. You'll be introduced to the history of the area and the rich culture of Bedouins. See the full details of your booking below:

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Tour in the Wadi Rum Desert

The 3-hour camel ride includes places to visit such as: *

  • Nebatean Temple

  • Lawrence Spring

  • Khazali canyon

  • Red sand dune

* The places to visit can vary depending on your schedule. The tour can be extended to any length you wish, and we can include some other activities and places to visit as well upon request. 

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Accommodation in the Camp

If you choose the tour with accommodation, you'll sleep in our comfortable and peaceful camp in the desert, with stunning views and great hiking possibilities.

The accommodation includes:​

  • One night in a tent

  • Shower with warm water

  • Modern water toilets

  • Traditional bedouin -style evening activities at the campfire


Dinner and Breakfast

If you choose the tour with accommodation, it will include:​

  • Traditional bedouin dinner made underground

  • Traditional tea served in the campfire

  • Breakfast + tea and coffee

  • Bottled water

The tour can be tailored based on your wishes. If you have any special requests regarding the places you want to visit or activities you want to do during the tour, please let us know either in the morning when we start or at the time of booking.

Book 3-hour camel tour


Select your tour and date:

09:00 AM

Payment with cash upon arrival. 


Thank you for your booking! I'll send you instructions and confirm your booking shortly via email.   - Salem -

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Information about the Booking and the Tour:

  • We will confirm your booking via email soon with the info for arriving

  • Payment with cash upon arrival

  • The tour will start from Wadi Rum Visitor Centre or from  Wadi Rum Village, as you wish. 

  • Questions? Send us a WhatsApp message at: +962 79 8297 187

  • The direct number to your bedouin guide Salem: +962 77 7225 447

Salem_Bedouin_Guide_In_Wadi_Rum_Desert_700X820 .jpg

Thank you for Booking with us!

Hello, my name is Salem, and I come from the bedouin tribe of Zalabieh. Wadi Rum desert is my home, and I have been guiding visitors from all around the world for years to explore the stunning and unique beauty of this desert.

I am thrilled to have you as our guest and cannot wait to show you the wild desert of Wadi Rum. If you have any questions or requests concerning your tour, please do not hesitate to contact us - we want to ensure that your experience with us is unforgettable!

You're warmly welcome to Wadi Rum!


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