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Salem and Camel - Welcome to Wadi Rum

Frequently Asked Questions


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If you have any questions about our tours or other services, or you need more information about Wadi Rum, feel free to contact us anytime via email, WhatsApp, or by or by contacting us with the "Contact us" -form

What is Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum is a vast desert covering an area of 720 km², located in southern Jordan, near the border with Saudi Arabia. Wadi Rum is a protected area due to its unique and rare natural environment, and it truly is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Unlike other deserts, the sand in Wadi Rum is red. The red colour comes from red sandstone, which erodes and transforms into sand over time. Millions of years ago, this immense desert was under an ancient sea. The unique rock formations visible throughout the desert were shaped by the waters of this ancient sea. The landscape of Wadi Rum is magical, reminiscent of Mars, and it is a place everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. With our guide, you can explore the desert and discover the most stunning spots. See our tours and the locations you can visit during those.

What is the Wadi Rum entrance fee?

Wadi Rum is a natural reserve in Jordan, and to maintain the reserve, Jordan collects an entrance fee from each visitor. The fee for foreign travellers is 5 JD. Note that if you have a valid Jordan Pass, you do not have to pay the Wadi Rum entrance fee. You can buy your entrance fee and get a ticket to Wadi Rum in the Wadi Rum visitor centre.

How can I reach Wadi Rum most easily?

The easiest way to get to Wadi Rum is by bus, taxi, or your car from Aqaba. For example, the Jett bus company operates daily between Aqaba and the Wadi Rum visitor centre. If you have a family or are travelling with a large group of friends, a taxi could be a cost-effective way to reach Wadi Rum. If needed, we can help you book a taxi at a reasonable price from Aqaba city to Wadi Rum village. Just contact us for assistance.

Coordinates of Wadi Rum: 29°35′35″N 35°25′12″E

Do tours and accommodations include all transportation within Wadi Rum?

Yes, transportation is included. We will pick you up from the Wadi Rum visitor centre or Wadi Rum village. All transportation between our camp, desert destinations, and Wadi Rum village/visitor centre is included in our services without any extra fee. So, you do not have to worry about navigating Wadi Rum when you are our guest!

What kind of clothing do I need in the Wadi Rum desert?

During winter and early spring, evenings, nights, and early mornings can be cool. If travelling during these seasons

bring warm clothing for the nights. It is also a good idea to bring warm clothing for Jeep tours in winter and early spring.

Wadi Rum is sunny, so make sure to have sunblock to protect your skin during the day.

We also recommend sunglasses and hats to shield yourself from the sun.

Tip: You can purchase a traditional Bedouin scarf from the visitor centre or Wadi Rum village for your visit to the Wadi Rum desert.

Are there dangerous animals in the desert?

There are several harmless animals in Wadi Rum. The only potentially dangerous animal is the scorpion. Scorpions are active mainly in summer, so during this season, be aware of them and do not touch them if you see one. Like all animals, scorpions tend to avoid humans, so sightings are rare.

How can I travel sustainably in the
natural reserve of Wadi Rum?

Our camp is entirely powered by solar energy, so staying and using electricity there will not increase carbon dioxide emissions. When in the desert, take all your belongings with you when you leave and do not litter. Wadi Rum is a natural reserve, and all of us want to keep it clean and rubbish-free.

Is water available in the Wadi Rum desert?

During our tours and transportation, and at our camp, bottled water is always available for our guests. In the camp, there is warm water (heated by solar energy) for showers, and we have modern water closets.

How can I find the most famous sites in Wadi Rum, such as Mushroom Rock and the bridge?

On our tours, we will guide you to all the sites you want to see in the Wadi Rum desert. Just let us know your wishes, and we will take you there! For self-guided hikes from the camp, we will advise you about the beautiful locations in the area where you'll be hiking.

I have a special diet. Can I eat the food served
at the desert and camp?

Yes. Please inform us of your dietary restrictions in advance, so we can prepare suitable and safe food for you.

Is there an ATM in Wadi Rum Village?

Unfortunately, there are no ATMs in Wadi Rum village. We accept cash payments only, so when you come, please ensure you have enough cash with you. There are several ATMs in Aqaba that can be used with the most common international credit cards.

Is there a reservation or cancellation fee
for your tours and camp?

No, there are no reservation fees for our tours or camp. If something happens and you need to change your travel plans and cannot come, there are no cancellation fees either. Just let us know if you need to cancel your booking.

We hope to see you next time!

Is Wadi Rum suitable for children?

Yes, our camp and tours are suitable for children, of course! When you're travelling with your children, we take into account the special needs that may come with them. Wadi Rum desert is safe for all kinds of travellers, and we will take care of all of you on our tours and at our camp. Our evening activities, tours, and camel riding are unforgettable experiences for children visiting Jordan. As a parent, you should look after them in Wadi Rum as well, just as you would do anywhere else you travel. We love children and enjoy entertaining them, so you and your family are warmly welcome to spend some wonderful time with us in the Wadi Rum desert!

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