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Enjoy the Panoramic View of the Desert Directly from Your Bed

Are you searching for a place where waking up is more exciting than continuing to sleep? Allow us to introduce you to our panoramic tents, offering stunning views of the Wadi Rum desert, allowing you to witness breathtaking sunsets right from your bed!

You can see the wild desert right from the bed

The Wadi Rum desert is truly awe-inspiring, but exploring it throughout the day can leave you feeling exhausted. However, when you find yourself in the desert - perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience - you won't want to miss a single moment of its beauty.

After a long day spent in the desert, you deserve a break before indulging in a traditional dinner. That's why we have the perfect tent for you, complete with a panoramic view of the Wadi Rum desert. Here, you can relax, experience the serenity of the desert, and witness the vibrant colours of the magical evening right from the comfort of your bed.

The panoramic window also allows you to gaze at the stars at night, without leaving your tent. If you're patient enough, you may even catch a shooting star amidst the breathtaking display of the Milky Way. And if you happen to wake up at night, rest assured that the views from your window will be so captivating that you won't mind sacrificing a few hours of sleep. Witnessing the sunrise and the beginning of a new day in the Wadi Rum desert is an incredibly beautiful moment that you wouldn't want to miss!

When you book your overnight stay with us, we will provide you with a panoramic tent, subject to availability at the time of booking. Upon receiving your booking confirmation, we will confirm when a panoramic tent is reserved exclusively for you. We offer a total of five panoramic tents in our bedouin camp, ranging in size from three to five people, each covering an area of 16 square meters.

Welcome to Wadi Rum, where you can immerse yourself in the stunning views of the desert and marvel at the starry sky above!

There are no pre-payments or cancellation fees when you book with us.

Interested in desert tours?

With accommodation (or without an overnight), we can offer you Wadi Rum desert tours with a jeep or by riding a camel. If you like hiking or climbing, we can help you find the best places for those activities in the Wadi Rum desert. We also know well how to find the best places to capture some perfect pics. You can contact us anytime to ask more about the things you can do here in the protected area of the Wadi Rum desert!

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