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The Magical Night of Wadi Rum Desert

What can you do in the evenings in the Wadi Rum desert?

Maybe you're coming to Wadi Rum to see the desert, ride a camel, or explore the most popular attractions you've seen on Instagram or TikTok. You've probably heard about the stunning views of the stars and sky at nighttime, but what else can you do after sunset in the Wadi Rum desert?

When you experience the Wadi Rum desert with us at the Welcome to Wadi Rum camp and tours, your day does not end after sunset! One of the most exciting experiences is participating in the traditional lunch, prepared underground in Bedouin style. You can see how the food is cooked and taste the authentic flavours. It's delicious! There is meat, vegetables, rice, bread, salad, and much more, all served in the tent, along with the original Bedouin music and dance!

While you're enjoying dinner and the night approaches, your Bedouin guide will be preparing the campfire outdoors. After a long day spent in the desert, it's so nice to sit around the campfire, relax, drink tea, and listen to the stories of the local Bedouins. Whether you're here with your family or friends, you can be sure that all of you are experiencing something unique and beautiful that can only be sensed in the desert of Wadi Rum, with Bedouins.

Did you know that there are no clouds or disruptive lights in the desert at night?

This unique environment of Wadi Rum allows you to see millions of stars above you. You can easily locate the Milky Way and recognize several planets like Mars and Venus with the guidance of your Bedouin guide.

TIP: Before coming here, you can download and install the SkyView app on your mobile phone! The app is educational and has a free version that allows you to observe and identify planets and constellations directly with the camera of your mobile phone. With the app, you can surely become a pro in understanding the night sky.

To make the most of your night in the Wadi Rum desert, check out our panoramic tents, which have huge windows facing the desert. Don't forget, the end of the night is just as beautiful as the beginning; the sunrise is something you must see. The moment when the new day starts in the Wadi Rum desert is full of light, and you can observe the birds that live in the desert as they seek food and go about their daily rou

tines there.

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1 comentário

17 de jun. de 2023

I was been there once and can sign all this. One thing, that surprised me, was the silence. There is so much silence in the night, that it's amazing. Not any voices of cars, humans, etc. It felt like a miracle because I live in the city and always are hearing some voices around me normally. Wadi Rum is very nice to spend some time with. The sand is very clean and doesn't leave my shoes dirty. I highly recommend visiting there. I was with my family, so with kids, it's so adventurous 😄

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